Imogen and Lawrence

31 Aug

Friendship and Love

This beautiful couple reminds me of a saying that I read many years ago. These words hit a bullseye straight to my heart and I wrote in it my journal to remember.

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world!”



On this very beautiful sunny day at the Rising Sun Hotel in Adelaide, Saturday the 7th May I was privileged to be guest number 5 at Imogen and Lawrence’s secret wedding! There was Micah and Fleur their friends and witnesses and Bronwyn their lovely celebrant. Oh! and the cool barman who was kind enough to give me a friendly wave for one of the photos!! haha. I don’t know the details behind why they kept it a secret but all I can say is it was one of the sweetest and most relaxed weddings I have ever been to. What I do know is that these two are cute and quirky, with a fantastic sense of humour and they like to have fun! He calls her “Mirror Girl” for her love of having photos taken and frequent glances towards her reflection and her favourite saying is “Jesus loves you, but I’m his favourite” haha (you will understand when you see Lawrence – might be something to do with the resemblance of the hair do!!) Every time I’ve heard from Imo she cracks me up with some hilarious comment 🙂 They’re both from England, she lives in country Victoria and he works in Broome WA. After their wedding the four of them went on Imo and Lawrence’s adventure Honeymoon, and even more exciting news….they’ve just announced they’re expecting a baby!! Yay! so I know it’s been a while since their wedding day and I’ve taken some time to get their photos on here, but today in Adelaide it’s a beautiful sunshiny day just like the one when they tied the knot and I thought what a most perfect time to feature this happy, fun-loving couples special day.

Imogen and Lawrence, thank you so so much for allowing me to photograph your wedding day. I had so much fun with you all, and I felt so lucky to be a part of it. I hope married life is bliss and congratulations on your baby news 🙂 I’m thrilled for you both

♥ Sim xx


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