Coopers 9th Birthday

26 Jun

This is Day 25 of my personal “Blog” a day in the month of June, celebrating Coopers life. It was meant to be a photo a day haha..well that got totally blown out of proportion! but how could I only post one photo a day of this amazing child?!

Happy 9th Birthday Mr.Cooper!!!
The day started out calm, Cooper and Ajay were at Nanna Kerry’s 😉 (Matt’s mum) so Matty, Ethan and I set out to get the PERFECT pressie for Cooper! Funny thing is he’s easy to please but so hard to buy for…does that make sense? He’s not your average 9 yr old. So we all pitched in and bought him a Nintendo DS with two Mario Bros games. Fingers crossed he can work this game??!!! Many thanks to all the other people for your lovely bday gifts to him, he’s very happy! With pressies sorted and kids picked up we were off to Bowling!!! the kids were SO excited. When we picked the kids up from Kerry’s, she and Ajay had handmade him Birthday messages with cut out numbers from magazines and pasted on, so cute. Cooper is crazy obsessed with counting numbers, so you could imagine his delight!! his “wonnnnn”, “hoo” “Huhweee” and “suxth” was going into overload! we heard this the whole trip down in the car.

Their excitement was totally AMPED the moment we arrived to this incredibly noisy Bowling Alley, eek! Once the shoes were sorted it was time for some serious..and some not so serious bowling haha. The kids actually did pretty well, Cooper and the youngest ones used these ramp things because the balls are too heavy for them. They loved it, picking different colour balls and then waiting for it’s return 🙂 As for us big kids…well they all did great! not me though haha I’m lousy at bowling…I’ll stick to taking photos me thinks!! 😉

My very talented Mum made Coopers birthday cake. Not only did it taste divine it looked amazing too! I’m not sure my photos will show you the true vision so please let me share with you just exactly what this cake means…some special words from my mum:

My interpretation of the cake for our beautiful boy
Of course the red hat because that’s just Cooper, the stripes and colours
because he is a little “out there” and a very colourful little person. The
spider represents the toy spider he used to play with all the time, the
calculator of course is for his love of numbers, the hands represent his
beautiful hands that are always reaching and touching us and so full of
expression and the feet are because his feet have done so much more than was
expected and there is just something about Coopy’s feet that just says “life is
fun and I will conquer it”.


Thank you so much Mum, your love for Cooper shone through his cake today, so much thought put into it. I know he doesn’t have the words to tell you what he thought of his cake but I can tell you that he just hasn’t stopped talking about it, the hat with his name on it, the calculator (which he thinks is a phone haha) oh how he loves the numbers and YOU! He tells me about Nanna and the cake…”num  num num” It was very special, we love you ♥

Please do go and see her Cake collection here at Geraldine Checkers cakes, decorations and edible gifts and say “hi!” 🙂
ps. she has wedding cakes too!!

At the end of a very exciting day…bowling, presents, cake, NOISE!!! I turn around from our group to see little Coopy has got himself down the steps to sit on the lounge on his own, just taking it all in. Looked to me like he was having hs own moment, reflecting on his super dooper Cooper birthday. Happy Birthday our very amazing boy, we love you to the moon and back ♥ ♥ ♥…and many many more hearts xx


2 Responses to “Coopers 9th Birthday”

  1. Kym Bowen June 26, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

    look’s like a great day had by all its so nice to see, after all you, all went through! and the thought and love by the cake just lovely and touching, congratulations for making it this far and for the rest of years to come !! Many more happy birthdays to you Cooper ! and his lovely family too !!

  2. Bree July 1, 2011 at 4:28 pm #

    Gorgeous hun! Just catching up on my reading some blogs and had to read this post. Cooper sounds very special and one worth fighting for, much love to you and your boys hun, Happy birthday Coopy for the other day xoxBree

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