Ajay’s School Excursion

4 Jun

Well, I did it! I volunteered to help out on my youngests (5) class excursion! At first it sounded like a good idea…then the day began! haha! four classes consisting of reception and year 1-2 kids into the heart of the City of Adelaide is INSANE!!! but we did have fun 🙂 We caught the train from Blackwood into the city and walked to SA Water in Victoria Square for their educational learning program. The kids were given a little pep talk outside first then we were taken inside to watch Rock Chick and Science Geek and they were GREAT! Singing rock songs while teaching science! The kids loved it. The kids thought the bubbles and splashing water about was fun…then they brought out the exploding liquid nitrogen!! No JOKES! Was very safe though. Then, off to the Central Markets, one of my FAV places to visit. Packed with beautiful locally grown food, interesting people and Photoco Camera House!! hahaha didn’t get to visit there this though. Next was a Tram trip back to the Train Station to get back to Blackwood! The kids were pretty tired but you know how kids go hyperactive when they’re over tired?! well the boys anyhow…ok not ALL of them 😉 But I did get a photo of Noah trying to climb the station walls!! haha SO as you can imagine the ONLY place I could possibly think of visiting after a looooong day with 5 and 6 year olds is “The Bottle Shop!” Indeed, Mr. Sauv Blanc payed a visit that night and all slept well in the Hanby household. THE END


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