One fine day in Spring 2010 {adelaide photographer}

12 Jan

I love making new friends! It doesn’t matter to me what age they are! in fact being a big kid myself (little in size) I fit right in with the small people 😉 Having three boys of my own is a constant reminder of how precious time is and how important it is for us adults to play hide and seek, chase them around, enjoy imaginary cups of tea or make mud-pies. See the world from a different angle…through a childs eyes. They inspire me, amaze me and keep me fit haha. Introducing Isabella, we were friends from the moment we met! She proudly announced to me “Hey I’m nearly as tall as you!” well folks…she’s four! a very tall four yr old. We had an hour to spare but we had fun, girly chats! She’s SO cute…

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One Response to “One fine day in Spring 2010 {adelaide photographer}”

  1. Sandy January 13, 2011 at 9:41 am #

    I LOVE the textured one! And I do love that girl.

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