The Harrisons {adelaide photographer}

2 Dec


Hi lovely people,
On November the 15th I was excited to share this post on my Facebook page about my gorgeous cousin Kelly and her fantastic hubby Travis. Together they cherish their little girl Jessie (almost 3) and their three miracle Triplets. Please read on below for more details =) I had some beautiful response and felt so privileged to share their family journey through my photography and storytelling. In talking to some of the Mums at school and various other places not everyone is on FB *gasp* I know!!! haha so I wanted to re-post my FB page here on my little Bloggy to share with my non-FB friends ♥ this is for YOU!
I’ve documented Kelly’s entire pregnancy with the triplets and today received exciting news that Kelly and Travis’s triplet and family experience is to be printed in a parenting magazine using my photos! Woop! So excited!! so enough yapping from me…and off to do some editing for more photos of these gorgeous people.
Love Sim xx

{Posted on the 15th of November from  Imagine Creative Images – Photography}
Oh WOW! I’ve just spent the day with THE most busiest people I think I’ve ever met! I thought life with my three crazy boys was intense until I spent the day with my gorgeous cousin Kelly, her Hubby Travis, beautiful Jessie (almost 3) and the Trippers! (as Kel calls them haha) Triplets! Identical twin boys Mitchell and Jack and little Tillie. Boy oh boy I got my baby fix for the whole entire month of November with these super cuties! Kelly & Trav you guys are amazing =) Your home was bursting with love and affection and your children are just delightful…yes even Mr. Jack who kept us all on our toes haha 😉 Mitchell is the most chilled baby I’ve ever met and Tillie is so petit and kissable. As for Jessie, she’s a beautiful charming little lady with an infectious smile. I had a great day with you all, thank you for allowing me to be the person who documented your family journey…I’ve loved every minute. My blessings to you ♥ Sim xx


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