My Canon EOS Photo5 photos {adelaide photographer}

3 Nov

This is the first time I’ve entered the Canon EOS Photo5 competition I was super excited and very nervous but when that little box of goodies arrived I couldn’t wait to get started. I made it through the first 3 briefs but sadly ran out of time to complete the final 2. I know more now and next year will complete the lot! Here are the photos I entered and some of the other ones that didn’t make the cut. There were 8813 entries in total, the photos have been under scrutiny of the 6 amazing and talented Judges and the Finalists are announced tomorrow the 4th of November! Then it goes to public vote!! Very exciting…wish me luck. Love Sim xx

CHALLENGE #1 – Eye Dropper
My Baby boy Ajay ♥ Real tears these are and no we didn’t pinch him to make him cry, my little guy wears his heart on his sleeve. We love our cuddles. As I was shooting the last of my many attempts Ajay walked in crying and I sat him on the stool next to a window and *click* “I Got it!!”:-) Always the way isn’t it?! When you’re in the moment. I had spent DAYS trying to get the perfect “droplet” I started with using my 50mm f/1:4 on my 50D put on backwards stuck to the camera with masking tape! haha oh what fun I’ve had…but alas those photos just didn’t cut it. I wanted an excuse to by a Macro so I did hehe. These were taken with my EF 100mm f/2:8 Macro USM and not only does it ROCK as a Macro it’s a beautiful portrait lens too. My happy!CHALLENGE #2 – Bubblegum Portrait
Oh my! This was hilarious! so many ideas but one that stuck and I had to follow it through. A friend of mine suggested “why don’t you ask your Grandmother to be a model?!” and from that moment she was the one for my portrait! It took a little coaxing and I had to promise her they wouldn’t put it on TV haha bless! Let me tell you 88 yr young ladies do not blow bubbles easily hahaha. We had 3-4 pieces of Hubba Bubba each and after furious chewing and slobbering my darling Mum had to blow the bubble then we stuck it in Grandma’s gob and “voila” So many funny photos but this one took the prize CHALLENGE #3 – Incense Black and White.
Aaahhh this was SO much harder than I thought it would be! The first image is the one I entered because it was sharp and interesting. It looks like a xray don’t you think? Like a bird’s head, eye and beak. Seriously weird but cool. I loooved the second image but there were already so many similar to this one. The third one looks like a woman with her hands up and ever so faded looks like a baby in her hands. Can you see it? or did that incense go to my head? The room was pretty dutched out! haha
Incredible what the eye sees! To me this was the most challenging brief and I learned so much about shutter speeds, lighting and most of all…patience!


4 Responses to “My Canon EOS Photo5 photos {adelaide photographer}”

  1. Kim November 3, 2010 at 5:45 am #

    Hey Sim, GREAT shots! I’m sure the one of you and your Nan were hysterical to take:).

    Tell me, is the shot under the lavendar taken of nailpolish like we were talking about?

    Well done and fingers crossed!!

  2. imaginecreativeimages November 3, 2010 at 6:17 am #

    Thanks Kim =)
    We had an absolute BLAST! not only did I capture some great photos we can keep them as a wonderful and fun memory of her for years to come.
    The Lavender – disolved sugar with water. That’s it =) worked a treat.

  3. Suzie Myers November 3, 2010 at 9:45 am #

    Well done simone i hope you win…im going to enter next year i think

  4. Wayne November 3, 2010 at 1:36 pm #

    You should be a winner here. Such great and imaginative shots. I love the Deggar and AJ shots. Make sure you let us know when you win.

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