Fun in Sydney {adelaide photographer}

1 Nov

You know how in life there are just some people who “fit”
You have your mostest bestest girlfriend in the world that no matter how far in distance and how distant time separates you, nothing can keep you apart?!
Well that is me and Cath! Me the crazy unpredictable Aquarian, her the charismatic classy Scorpio – it just works for us!
We first met in a Salon in Adelaide where we started and completed our apprenticeships in Hairdressing. Cath started out as a junior/assistant under my guidance and ended up being my Manager. Now working for Toni and Guy in Sydney and teaching up and coming new Hairdressers she’s a uber talented cutting stylist who I truly admire.
Cath prides herself in introducing me as the one who trained her how to “shampoo!” haha love it! you know that’s a very important thing to learn!!
Then came Imogen, Cath’s beautiful daughter. Imaginative, intelligent, sensitive and I’ve got bets on her being an up and coming actress! The next Cate Blanchett? I share a friendship as equally treasured with Immy as I do with Cath. She’s my little buddy ♥♥
Now I gotta tell ya when the insanely energetic Jamie came into the world of Cath and Immy I thought “oh no I have to share them??!!” spending just a few hours with all three of them I see the way he feels about these two incredible ladies and how much they’re a part of his heart as they are mine!
We share a common love – we had to be friends xx

For King, Queen and Princess Imogen
Please enjoy these photos from one of my visits to Sydney this year. Love Sim xx


2 Responses to “Fun in Sydney {adelaide photographer}”

  1. Wayne November 2, 2010 at 12:06 pm #

    Love the pictures and how grown up is Imogen! She was still a little girl when I last saw her.

  2. imaginecreativeimages November 3, 2010 at 4:14 am #

    Why thankyou xx
    Yes Imogen is so grown up now, she’s a beautiful kid inside and out!

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