My First Time!

7 Jul

Writing my blog is a lot harder than I expected. After reading so many others, some so good you wonder if anyone will be interest in my ramblings 😉 I love to talk…and talk…and talk so I thought why not I’ll give this a go!

Well the people who know me could probably skip this part? But a little about myself, I’m a proud Mummy of three handsome (biased much!) boys, Ethan who’s too close to 12 and getting closer to the teen years eek. Cooper my miracle boy who’s just had his 8th birthday. Cooper had to have two Liver Transplants when he was 10 months old. We weren’t sure he’d make it to his 1st birthday let alone his 8th, very proud of him my little Trooper and my blessed Ajay who’s 5 in sept and starting school in Oct =( I will miss my little chatterbox. Although I am looking forward to having more time in my days to do what I LOVE so much…Photography!

After many years of enjoying my rather expensive hobby I took the next step this year into registering my business, Imagine Creative Images. It feels quite accomplished to be an official business owner but even more so that I’m my own boss =D When you love what you do then it’s not really a job…it’s contentment.

Included in my services is my 20+ years of Hairdressing experience that I still enjoy doing and get a major kick out of Styling up Brides and their Girls, Mother of Bride, flower girls etc…
Imagine Creative Images is fast becoming a “one stop shop” for Wedding services!
Offering :

  • Hair styling
  • Makeup
  • Photography
  • Cakes
  • Marriage Celebrants
  • Jazz Band
  • Mobile spray tanning and Nail manicure/extensions

Being in the Wedding industry for a long time you meet many people who play their professional part in making your Wedding day very special. The people recommended I have seen 1st hand their work and have even worked along side of a few of them. As small business owner and many of us WAHM’s (work at home mum’s) we do our best to support local businesses.

So enough said from me for now…
I hope you enjoy reading my journey’s of life and love for the art I create with my hands and heart. This is my “show & tell” 😉

Simone xx


One Response to “My First Time!”

  1. Suzie Myers November 3, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    Beautiful Simone well done on your web pages

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